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How to automate spreadsheet analysis, charting and reporting with Excel pivot tables

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Excel pivot tables and pivot charts are great tools for one-time analysis of data tables in a spreadsheet. But, without automation, you canít use them to share your findings with others, or to do repeated analysis as new data arrives.

If youíve used Excel pivot tables, you know that they allow you to ďslice-and-diceĒ data in a spreadsheet, giving you different views that can provide critical information from the data. Combining them with pivot charts even helps you visualize trends and relationships you didnít see before. sample pivot chart

If you havenít used pivot tables before, you probably are looking into them, because youíve heard about those benefits.

Unfortunately, a pivot table shows only one view of the data at any time. You canít easily save each different view, with the unique insight it provides. If you try to send the pivot tables and charts to others, they would have to painstakingly replicate your analysis. Thatís not the way to share information.

You can solve that problem by automation. Automate the loading of information into a pivot table. Then, automate the process of creating different views of the data by changing the row, column and data fields, by filtering the contents, etc. Finally, as each view of data is produced, automatically copy the data that is showing in the pivot table to an Excel report spreadsheet.

Think about how much time you could save and how much better informed you and your associates would be, if you had that level of automation. There are 2 ways to do that:

  • If you know how to program in VBA, and you have plenty of time to spend on coding, debugging, and testing, you could write a good-sized program that does the automation for a particular spreadsheet. But, thatís seldom cost-effective.
  • You could use Xcelential, the software that uses breakthrough techniques to make it quick and easy to automate the creation of Excel reports from pivot tables.

How Xcelential automates Excel pivot tables

Hereís a sample set of challenges that Xcelential has helped Excel users tackle:

  • Comparing key values among multiple versions of a spreadsheet. Xcelential automatically consolidates data from multiple Excel files into a single Excel pivot table so you can see how all the versionsí numbers stack up against each other.

  • Consolidating and analyzing data coming from Excel reports. For example, you receive a daily or weekly sales report in Excel format. Xcelential automatically extracts the detailed data from a bunch of those reports into a single spreadsheet, where you can analyze all of it with a pivot table and pivot chart.

  • Preparing an Excel report from a pivot table. Letís say you have to compile data from a daily spreadsheet, do a bit of analysis, and then send out a spreadsheet with the results of your analysis included as a presentation-quality report. Xcelential will automate most of that process, so it doesnít use up your time.
  • Generating multiple Excel reports that show different views of data. Letís say you have a huge chunk of data that you need to ďslice and diceĒ and turn into multiple reports, each showing a different aspect of the data. Xcelential will automate all that work without a single line of macro coding.
  • Mass-producing Excel charts in a worksheet. You have to create reports that show a changing number of similar charts on a single worksheet. Let Xcelential do all the repetitive operations for you.
  • Generating a bunch of Excel reports for different people or departments at one time. The good news is: you have a lot of ďcustomersĒ who need you to give them an Excel report with data on their department or their performance (or whatever). The bad news is: you have to create a whole bunch of different worksheets every single time. Xcelential can do all the repetitive work for you, without a line of code.

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